2017 Angel Tree Request

WHCC would like to invite those who could use a little help providing gifts to their children this Christmas.  We encourage you to fill out and submit the following form.  If you have more than four children then please submit another request for your remaining kids.

[caldera_form id=”CF5a2aebfb536e3″]

We will do the best we can to fill the needs, and will touch base with you letting you know if you will be on our Angel Tree. All donations will be anonymous, only Male/Female, Adult or Age, Size, Favorite Colors, etc will be seen on the Angel Tree Request Tags. People from WHCC will have the opportunity to help buy one gift of clothing and one personal item such as toy, game, or other personal items. These gifts will be taken to worship service and distributed without a lot of attention to protect anonymous nature of the gifts. We are hopeful to be able to fulfill all the requests, God-willing.