We encourage those who are actively visiting or otherwise attending WHCC to become members if they are not already.  Membership at WHCC isn’t a loyalty program like what you would find at a retail store or coffee shop; however, WHCC membership does have its perks:

  • For one, membership is unifying.  It’s a public statement indicating that you support the various ministries of the church — that you are one with the body;
  • It allows you to vote on church matters (e.g., annual budgets, elder and deacon appointments, etc.);
  • It’s a way of communicating your desire to get plugged into various ministries; and
  • Unlike other membership programs, ours is free — what more could you ask?

WHCC offers three membership classifications:  Active, Associate, and Offsite:

  • Active:  Active members are defined as those who attend and support WHCC by participating and contributing financially and otherwise to the spiritual growth and welfare of the WHCC family;
  • Associate:  We recognize that Florida residents are often times seasonal.  As such, we have provisioned for those members looking to maintain membership at their “home” church (i.e. where they attend when they are not living in Florida).  Associate members will have the same rights as Active members.
  • Offsite Members:  Offsite members are those who have moved out of WHCC’s ministry area and have not joined another church or those who can no longer attend regularly due to health or other reasons.

We do not require membership from those who attend and you will not be turned away at the door if you haven’t made a decision to become a member.

For more information on membership, please read our Constitution and By-Laws.